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Instant answers for BI users

Data without context is meaningless

“How can a non-technical BI consumer determine the quality of an insight, especially when unexpected results might be caused by faulty code or outliers in the data set, or both?”

Create detailed custom report in a quick manner, understand the context and become a respected partner for business

Managing data and data interpretation is easy with SQLdep. Interactive data flow map helps you to manage business priorities with data and also to improve communication between the developers and architects at the warehouse. You can deal with impacts on data from business decisions, help the company and peers to understand and read the data and also to create reports. With SQLdep you know the context, you understand dependencies so you can recommend how to deal with a problem. Business needs data and data needs to be interpreted. Provide the answers to end users how the data are computed and what are based upon.

SQLdep features

  • Data-lineage By reverse-engineering SQL code we show interactive data lineage/interactive data flows which otherwise have to be done manually by the developer.
  • Highlighting code When a developer is editing an SQL query we highlight relevant lines in the SQL code he might be interested in editing. This also helps to avoid forgetting to make edits.
  • Meta data export Manually or programmatically export a 'single source of truth' for use as up-to-date documentation or to reconcile third-party metadata management repositories.

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