Online SQL parser and data lineage tool

Computer screen displaying SQL code Computer screen displaying SQLdep vizualization
„A task which would typically take twelve months was accomplished by SQLdep in a matter of minutes.“
Lucie Fialova,
Head of DWH team GE Money
„Before using SQLdep, we couldn’t access detailed information so quickly or easily. Integrating SQLdep provided an immediate benefit.“
Silja Räisä,
Aalto University DWH System Specialist

„Documentation matters to us. It took us five times longer to document our ETL processes than to develop it. Using SQLdep automates the whole process, helping us deliver accurate and up-to-date documentation in a matter of minutes.“

Garrick Bryant,
BI Architecture and Delivery Manager


data lineage and metadata over thousands of queries

  • Helps you with multiple queries
  • Used by data warehousing teams
  • Used for automated ETL documentation
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interactive syntax highlighting with diagrams of table joins

  • Helps you with a single query
  • Single developer / data analyst
  • Quickly understand any complex query
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Increase the BI team's capacity

A data warehouse team of 5 developers spends on average 75 man-days a year doing work which could be fully automated. Each of them spends on average half an hour a day to reveal data lineage and data dependencies. With SQLdep they would only need to spend 5 minutes a day interpreting SQL data visualisations. Learn more!

Cheaper impact analysis

The graph illustrates savings per year. A BI specialist usually spends a couple of 15 minute periods a day doing impact analysis, whether to support a new feature launch, or to track down the origin of an error. SQLdep reduces the impact analysis time by 84% by fully automating the data lineage documentation process. Learn more!

Protect your know-how

Over the years developers acquired knowledge about the data lineage in your DWH. Two problems exists: (a) they cannot easily share what is hidden in their heads (b) when they leave the company the lineage leaves as well. SQLdep mitigates effect of brain-drain and speeds up onboarding process: 24 weeks are cut down to 6 weeks. Learn more!

Our features

Automated data lineage

Through reverse engineering we transform SQL code into an interactive map with data lineage / data flows. Everyday we analyse millions of lines of SQL code and procedural scripts. Data flows and impact analysis is provided across multiple databases.


SQLdep is a cloud based service. No hardware needed, no installation needed. Everything runs in your browser out of the box. To interact with our service use REST API or for you convenience we have released a small app to extract the SQL code from the database.

Metadata / Documentation Export

Get access to the text based metadata we have computed. Download them, play with them. Useful when you need to detect unused tables/columns or when you need to cross verify your existing documentation. A must have for an advanced ETL tuning. Download as CSV or through our API.

Features roadmap

Tracking changes in the data lineage

You can visually compare the changes between the lineage across different environments like staging versus production. Or you can compare how the data lineage differs before and after the release on production. That also comes in handy if guys from the audit department stop by and start asking questions on how the data were calculated 2 months ago. You are a couple of clicks away to give a precise answer.

Google login and team management

With team management you can easily invite your colleagues and share the documentation with them. Your documentation is safe with us and any new user needs to be authenticated first. For your convenience we have also added login through Google accounts.

Tracking data lineage across multiple databases

Tracing data lineage manually between multiple databases is a complete nightmare. At SQLdep we automatically trace your data flows between any number of data marts or intertwined data warehouses. Support for database links is included as well.

Exports into CSV files

We compute the metadata and provide you with neatly done visualisations. Yet you might find helpful to download such metadata in textual form. You can perform your own ad hoc analysis or even further optimise your ETL processes. It is also very helpful when you have existing documentation and you need to verify it against actual code.

Metadata management: users can place and share comments about the data

Metadata management is about empowering you and your users with an option to describe your data lineage / flow. For example calculations to compute product profitability are among the most complex within the company. Any user can now place a comment and explain any transformation which is then easily shared among the team.

Q3 2016
SQL formatter and beautifier

Unify formatting standards in your team with a single click. You will be able to switch between original formatting and the standartised one.

Q3 2016
Save time, become a SQL superhero!