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GE Money tremendously accelerated the development cycle and incident management in their data warehouse

GE Money is one of the biggest financial institutions in the Czech Republic. We are not only a fast-growing universal bank with a large network of branches and ATMs, but also a leasing company. The key feature for further growth and fulfilling company strategy is data warehousing. GE Money was looking for ways to accelerate and streamline its development and administration.

Data storage exceeding 20TB

The GE Money data warehouse contains data for all basic GE Money systems and gathers information about bank accounts, transactions, clients and financial data for accounting. It consists of three instances of Oracle database systems with a total volume exceeding 20TB. It contains approximately 10 000 tables and 140 000 table columns. The data warehouse is filled in a standard manner—by means of ETL method consisting of more than 15 000 database commands in the form of SQL queries and PL/SQL scripts.

The only good way

Thanks to their unique reverse engineering solution, SQLdep is so easy to integrate and you get the full benefit, regardless of the amount of SQL code you have. The only alternative for the documentation of existing SQL code is going through the code manually, line after line—dramatically more time-consuming and unsurprisingly unpopular with developers.

"We wanted to make the most lengthy and unpleasant part of our work easier. At first, we could not even believe that SQLdep would work; it seemed too good to be true"
- Lucie Fialova, Head of GE Money DWH team.

Before purchasing this solution, GE Money tested SQLdep on a sample of our code. The preliminary analysis and visualization was followed by fine-tuning the final version in collaboration with the SQLdep team. Thanks to rapid communication, the SQLdep service was adjusted to suit our needs. It is now used for the analysis of the entire ETL code, which is over one million lines of SQL code.

Complete documentation and visualization of data flow in minutes

The fast and effective documentation SQLdep provides is enormously valuable. According to GE Money’s internal estimate, SQLdep saved us twelve months of tedious work which an analyst would otherwise have had to do manually.

The visualization SQLdep provides has great advantages, especially for sharing information in the development team, but also in efficient communication with internal customers. We enable the data analysts from financial and risk management departments to better understand the data and more quickly orient themselves with the data warehouse.

"SQLdep provided us with a central hub for sharing information about data flow, which makes the administration and further growth of the data warehouse considerably easier."
- Lucie Fialova, Head of GE Money DWH team.

Faster Development

The main goal of utilizing SQLdep in GE Money is to accelerate the development cycle of data warehousing.

The development life cycle is driven by user requests to enhance or fix areas of the data warehouse. The typical response to this requires developers to manually analyze SQL codes in order to do an initial impact analysis, and then analyze the SQL codes again later when they proceed with implementation and testing.

SQLdep navigates complicated ETL processes allowing code to be found quickly and easily. Drawing an impact analysis has been made much easier. The efficiency has grown considerably, making the whole development process significantly faster. SQLdep makes manual analysis of SQL code redundant.

A clear overview

SQLdep has proved to be an invaluable tool in all phases of incident solving: stating the level of seriousness, cause analysis, proposal for the solutions and testing.

Each team member has access to the most recent documentation from all parts of the data warehouse. Exceptional improvement was recorded by the operational team who monitors the data warehouse 24/7. On a night shift, it is especially important to assess the impact on the system, which SQLdep enables without the need to contact the data warehouse developer.


The problem

GE Money was searching for ways to make the development and administration of its 20TB data warehouse faster and more efficient. The aim was to quickly decrease the workload of software developers and analysts, which is directly linked to SQL code handling.

The solution

SQLdep provided a swift analysis, documentation, and visualization of GE Money’s data warehouse. To make collaboration easier, a single point is maintained where all metadata are stored and automatically updated allowing information to be quickly shared amongst the team.

The result

GE Money’s data warehouse is much more accessible. Previously slow and expensive tasks are completed considerably quicker and far more efficiently. SQLdep saved GE Money twelve months of tedious and expensive work.

“A task which would typically take twelve months was accomplished by SQLdep in a matter of minutes”

Lucie Fialova, Head of GE Money DWH team

“SQLdep enabled our teams to better navigate complicated data flows, which is invaluable especially when dealing with incidents in the data warehouse"

Lucie Fialova, Head of GE Money DWH team