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Our Features

Automated data lineage

Through reverse engineering we transform SQL code into an interactive map with data lineage / data flows. Everyday we analyse millions of lines of SQL code and procedural scripts. Data flows and impact analysis is provided across multiple databases.


SQLdep is a cloud based service. No hardware needed, no installation needed. Everything runs in your browser out of the box. To interact with our service use REST API or for you convenience we have released a small app to extract the SQL code from the database.

Metadata / Documentation Export

Get access to the text based metadata we have computed. Download them, play with them. Useful when you need to detect unused tables/columns or when you need to cross verify your existing documentation. A must have for an advanced ETL tuning. Download as CSV or through our API.

Team management and Secure sharing

With team management you can easily invite your colleagues and share the documentation with them. Your documentation is protected with us and any user needs to be authenticated first. Google authentication is in place.

Tracking changes in the data lineage

Visually compare the changes hidden within the lineage across different environments, like staging versus production. Or you compare how the data lineage differs before and after the release on production. Handy if curious guys from the audit department stop by and start asking questions on how the data were calculated 2 months ago.

Highlighting relevant parts of SQL code

Quickly navigate through SQL code including subqueries. SQLdep provides simple user interface to browse the data lineage and show you relevant parts of SQL code. Highlighting is in place to save time of your engineering team.

Save time, become a SQL superhero!