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SQLdep presents Lionfish - the king of SQL code ocean

6 January, 2016 10:46:18 AM · Martin

I love the SaaS services where you can immediately try the tool on a real life use case. Since SQLdep is focused on SQL code parsing a challenge was finding a really simple way to get SQL code to our REST API. The goal was that nobody should spend more than 5 minutes to submit their complete SQL codebase to us.

The answer to this challenge is Lionfish, a small app which you can download and run with your database. It automatically gathers relevant metadata from the database catalogue like table definitions, view definitions, and stored procedures. Lionfish puts you just one click away from an interactive map of data lineage in your browser.


[ Image source: Deviantart.com]


Oh, and couple more quick hints:

  • no need to install, just download & run the app
  • minimalistic DB privileges required (only access to DB catalogue needed)
  • Lionfish' source code is publicly available on Github
  • Lionfish can be called from command line and therefore easily scheduled for daily processing


Try processing your SQL code today with our SQLdep Lionfish!

Lionfish app can be easily downloaded from your dashboard.

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SQLdep saved GE Money twelve months of work. GE Money was searching for ways to make the development and administration of its 20TB data warehouse faster and more efficient.