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Save time while managing a database

Keeping a clean and reliable data warehouse doesn’t have to consume valuable resources

“Business needs data and data needs to be in good condition. It is a challenge for DWH teams to guarantee clean and reliable data warehouse.”

No one likes messy code and unnecessarily long dataflows. Simplify existing architecture and be proud of your work.

DWH architects know that managing a large and complex database is very time consuming. To be accurate—it was. You could spend your whole life doing something manually whichcan be done with SQLdep inminutes. SQLdep gives you data lineage along with impact analysis on a silver plate—millions of lines of SQL code are automatically processed and visualized. It is up to you what you will choose. There are tools which enable you to see what is important. For SQL code it’s SQLdep. Simplify existing architecture, streamline ETL, shorten dataflows... have a new future with SQLdep. You can also more easily maintain data warehouse architecture and conceptual enhancements.

SQLdep features

  • Data-lineage By reverse-engineering SQL code we show interactive data lineage/interactive data flows which otherwise have to be done manually by the developer.
  • Highlighting code When a developer is editing an SQL query we highlight relevant lines in the SQL code he might be interested in. This makes editing faster, but also helps to prevent mistakes by avoiding any edits being forgotten.
  • Meta data export Manually or programmatically export a 'single source of truth' for use as up-to-date documentation or to reconcile third-party metadata management repositories.

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