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DonĀ“t fear complex queries

  • create table dim_core_customers
  • as
  • select
  •   to_char(a223.client_id)           core_id,
  •   nvl(a223.first_name,'XNA')        core_first_name,
  •   nvl(a223.last_name,'XNA')         core_last_name,
  •   nvl(a223.stret_name,'XNA')        core_address_street_name,
  •   nvl(a223.city_name,'XNA')         core_city_name,
  •   nvl(a223.home_telno,'XNA')        core_home_telno,
  •   nvl(a223.mobile_telno,'XNA')      core_mobile_telno,
  •   nvl(a223.email,'XNA')             core_email,
  •   decode(to_char(subselect_tmp.employee), '1','Y','0', 'N', 'X') core_employee_flag,
  •   decode(to_char(subselect_tmp.approval), 'Yes', 'Y', 'No', 'N','X') core_approval_flag,
  •   subselect_tmp.acc_id              core_actual_acc_id,
  •   subselect_tmp.app_id              core_last_app_id,
  •   'CORE'                             core_dw_source_systen
  • from
  •   etl_owner.A223_core_client a223,
  •   etl_owner.A226_core_account a226 ,
  •   (select
  •     client_fk client_id,
  •     max(sales_fk) sales_id,
  •     max_turnover,
  •     min_turnover,
  •     int_current_date
  •   from
  •     int_owner.A228_core_sales_facts
  •   where
  •     int_current_date = to_date('20160331','YYYYMMDD')
  •   group by client_fk
  •   ) subselect_sales,
  •   (select
  •     client_fk client_id,
  •     max(sales_fk) sales_id,
  •     app_id,
  •     acc_id,
  •     int_current_date,
  •     int_status,
  •     employee,
  •     approval
  •   from
  •     int_owner.a266_core_facts fut
  •   ) subselect_tmp
  • where
  •   a226.int_status = 'NEW' and
  •   a226.int_current_date = to_date('20160331','YYYYMMDD') and
  •   subselect_tmp.int_status (+) = 'NEW' and
  •   subselect_tmp.int_current_date (+) = to_date('20160331','YYYYMMDD') and
  •   subselect_tmp.client_id (+) = a226.client_id and
  •   a223.client_id (+) = a226.client_id and
  •   subselect_tmp.client_id = subselect_sales.client_id and
  •   subselect_sales.int_current_date = to_date('20160331','YYYYMMDD')

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