Automated data lineage tool for SQL

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Why data lineage

Risk prevention

”SQLdep reduced number of incidents caused by overlooked dependency during ETL development by 20%.”

Reduce vendor dependency

”SQLdep helped us to mitigate the risk of vendor lock-in. Any change in ETL made by vendor is now automatically documented and know-how is kept in house.”

Regulatory requirements

”SQLdep provides insight of all data flows in DWH and prepares output for auditing.”

”We tremendously accelerated the development cycle and incident management in our data warehouse.”

Hand coded SQL = Broken data lineage

Problem: Undocumented data lineage is tied with hand coded SQL. Typical for data warehouses and BI reports based on SQL.

Solution: Automated analysis of SQL code and stored procedures.

Our features

Automated data lineage

Our reverse engineering algorithm transforms SQL code into an interactive map with end-to-end data lineage. Supported are all major database vendors and procedural code. A must have for legacy SQL code.

Metadata / Documentation Export

All metadata can be downloaded as a CSV file or directly through our API. Exports to PNG or PDF formats are available along with embedding our UI into your existing metadata platform.

Team management and Secure sharing

With team management you can easily invite your colleagues and share the documentation with them. Your documentation is protected by multiple layers of security with on option to flexibly manage the access.


SQLdep primarily runs as a cloud based service. No hardware needed, no installation needed. Everything runs in your browser out of the box. To interact with our service use REST API or our neat User Interface.

Tracking changes in the data lineage

Visually compare the changes within the data lineage across different environments, like staging versus production. Or compare how the data lineage differs in time based on your auditing requirements.

Highlighting relevant parts of SQL code

Quickly navigate through SQL code including subqueries. SQLdep provides simple user interface to browse the data lineage and show you relevant parts of SQL code. Highlighting is in place to save time of your engineering team.

How it works

Submit SQL code
Use App Upload zip REST API
SQLdep calculates data lineage
Browse the result
In browser Download csv

Tech background

Where It Runs?

Cloud service
  • Everything runs in your browser out of the box
  • No hardware needed, no installation needed
  • Prefered option by 99% of our customers
On-site installation
  • Runs on server in your IT infrastructure
  • Software is distributed as VMware image
  • Enterprise edition only

What SQL syntax is covered?

SQL Queries
  • Any valid SQL query impacting data lineage (incl. Analytical functions, WITH clauses, nested subselects, ..)
  • Views, database links, synonyms
Procedural code
  • Packages, procedures, functions (Supported are set-based operations used in procedural code. Dynamic queries and cursors are out of scope.)
At SQLdep we guarantee to support any SQL syntax used by our customers.

Platform security

SQLdep is trusted by companies from banking, telco and other industries. For more details contact our Support team.

Data lineage Imports / Exports

  • Any custom lineage can be imported
  • Accessible through API or as textual data input
  • All metadata can be downloaded in CSV files
  • All Metadata can be imported into 3rd party toolings like metadata managers incl. Informatica, ODI, etc.

Features roadmap

Tracking changes in the data lineage

You can visually compare the changes between the lineage across different environments like staging versus production. Or you can compare how the data lineage differs before and after the release on production. That also comes in handy if guys from the audit department stop by and start asking questions on how the data were calculated 2 months ago. You are a couple of clicks away to give a precise answer.

Google login and team management

With team management you can easily invite your colleagues and share the documentation with them. Your documentation is safe with us and any new user needs to be authenticated first. For your convenience we have also added login through Google accounts.

Tracking data lineage across multiple databases

Tracing data lineage manually between multiple databases is a complete nightmare. At SQLdep we automatically trace your data flows between any number of data marts or intertwined data warehouses. Support for database links is included as well.

Exports into CSV files

We compute the metadata and provide you with neatly done visualisations. Yet you might find helpful to download such metadata in textual form. You can perform your own ad hoc analysis or even further optimise your ETL processes. It is also very helpful when you have existing documentation and you need to verify it against actual code.

Complete impact analysis

Full impact analysis gives you instant and thorough view on any change you need to make in your data warehouse. Not only it saves your developers' time it also prevents the risk of them omitting any dependency. This includes all query clauses like WHERE, ORDER BY, GROUP BY.

Increasing data quality

Whenever you encounter problem with the corrupted data you need to immediately understand what reports have been affected. This feature allows for interactive search based on the actual data and values. Thus giving you the right tool for improving data quality.

Data Glossary: users can place and share comments about the data

Metadata management is about empowering you and your users with an option to describe your data lineage / flow. For example product profitability calculations are among the most complex within the company. Any user can now place a comment and explain any transformation which is then easily shared among the team.

Snowflake SQL dialect

Snowflake is a optimised database for Data Warehousing and it runs in cloud. SQLdep has complete support for SQL syntax used in Snowflake DB.

Integration into IBM InfoSphere Catalog

Automated integration with IBM metadata repository allows you to consolidate lineage from multiple sources.

Collibra integration

Tight integration with Collibra will ensure you have consolidated lineage. Using SQL in your infrastructure won't be a blind spot anymore.

Q2 2018
Integration with Informatica Metadata Manager

Tight integration with Informatica Metadata Manager will result into a consolidated lineage. Using SQL in your infrastructure won't be a blind spot anymore.

Q2 2018

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