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Maintaining control and compliance through data governance

One-click interaction with auditors reduces overhead and enhances governability

“No one likes to face the situation where an auditor comes and asks a question to which you do not readily have an answer. Finding the correct answer costs time and time costs money.”

Audit comes and goes. You can have up-to-date documentation in minutes to show them you have your data under control.

Is your team’s productivity being crushed by the auditors? Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FERPA--the list goes on and on. A It is incredibly challenging to keep data governance under control and to trace h data flows inside a database. Metadata managers are manually updated, and therefore notoriously. at the same time, code is changing rapidly. How do you provide auditors and compliance personnel with accurate, up-to-date, easy-to-comprehend documentation? Try SQLdep!

Prepare a satisfying answer - in meaning of data documentation - can take you months. It is possible you will have to hire a few more contractors to finish everything on time. With SQLdep you can automatically trace data flows inside a database, where the data came from and where it is heading. This is valid for all columns in your data warehouse. You will have reliable documentation that keeps your data governance under control.

SQLdep features

  • Data-lineage By reverse-engineering SQL code we show interactive data lineage/interactive data flows which otherwise have to be done manually by the developer.
  • Highlighting code When a developer is editing an SQL query we highlight relevant lines in the SQL code he might be interested in. This makes editing faster, but also helps to prevent mistakes by avoiding any edits being forgotten.
  • Meta data export Manually or programmatically export a 'single source of truth' for use as up-to-date documentation or to reconcile third-party metadata management repositories.

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