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Improve team collaboration

Working hard or hardly working?

“Cooperation among technical and non-technical team members is essential for quality data-driven decision making. Both developers and business analysts need shared, easily-understood visual tools to improve context and understanding.”

Being agile requires developers to move seamlessly between projects, and BI users to quickly understand the origin and transformations of data.

Managing communication among teams and ramping up new members has one common denominator: Accurate, up-to-date documentation. By relying on interactive data flow maps, you dramatically reduce onboarding of new members, while improving existing team members ability to interact effectively with the broader organization. Textual documentation is notoriously ignored by most users, while r code crisp and consumerized data visualization, easily accessible via web browser, is vastly more effective. When the code is documented everything will move forward smoothly. A single analyst might have to dedicate a full year’s work simply to document existing data flows in a typical data warehouse with 100 thousand columns--all while those data flows are evolving in real-time. With SQLdep, a visualization across the data warehouses available in minutes, not only saving tremendous amounts of time, but also freeing up resources to focus on business critical activities.

SQLdep features

  • Data-lineage By reverse-engineering SQL code we show interactive data lineage/interactive data flows which otherwise have to be done manually by the developer.
  • Highlighting code When a developer is editing an SQL query we highlight relevant lines in the SQL code he might be interested in. This makes editing faster, but also helps to prevent mistakes by avoiding any edits being forgotten.
  • Meta data export Manually or programmatically export a 'single source of truth' for use as up-to-date documentation or to reconcile third-party metadata management repositories.

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