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Teradata Aster Database will move you to the big data world without impeding how your current team works

27 December, 2015 11:06:59 AM · Martin

Alright, the buzzword again — big data. However this time from the perspective of a relational database. In particular, Teradata had a sweet idea to bring big data to relational databases. In 2011 they acquired Aster Data Systems enhancing their product portfolio with Teradata Aster Database.

Humming away under the hood of Aster Database is MapReduce and graph database, unified with SQL on top of it. This allows you to move to big data without extra costs related to leaving the well established SQL world. Your current team of BI experts can continue with what their know best and not start from scratch, avoiding having to learn completely new technology. Teradata Aster brings to the table all the goodies from relational databases but allows you to scale it.

Tied to SQL coding is the well known fact that keeping data governance and data management takes 5x times more time than coding itself. This is where SQLdep chimes in by transforming SQL code into visual maps of dependencies instead of just fiddling with the code itself. On top of it is a bridge between your DWH engineers and the end users which allows sharing of data insights.

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SQLdep saved GE Money twelve months of work. GE Money was searching for ways to make the development and administration of its 20TB data warehouse faster and more efficient.