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SQLdep presents Wayback Machine for your DWH

25 November, 2015 11:03:20 AM · Martin

Today, at SQLdep we proudly release a major feature that’s a must-have for any Business Intelligence ecosystem. To explain this feature in all its glory let’s talk about the Wayback Machine.The Wayback Machine is a service that keeps track of any page on the Internet over time. About a year ago the size of this archive was 15 petabytes. The service allows you to search for any web page and see the evolution of that page over time. Kinda cool, huh? Now imagine this; what if you had such control over the metadata of your Data warehouse, even including the reporting layer? Because yeah, that is what we have just released!

We have carefully listened to our customers and embedded such a feature into the heart of SQLdep—a data governance module. With our ‘SQL Wayback Machine’you can visually track the changes in data transformation across different environments.



This allows you not only compare what is running where, but you can travel in time as well.You can learn more on our website: sqldep.com/sql-wayback-machine.

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SQLdep saved GE Money twelve months of work. GE Money was searching for ways to make the development and administration of its 20TB data warehouse faster and more efficient.