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Partnership with Collibra

21 June, 2018 17:04:48 PM · Martin

As a SQLdep founder, I am happy to announce our partnership with Collibra. Collibra is a leading Data Governance platform for Master Data Management. With the total funding amounting to $134M and their revenue doubling every year, Collibra is on the way to becoming the #1 solution for metadata management.‚Äč

The primary objective of the partnership is to help Collibra’s customers tackle the technical lineage. At SQLdep we automate lineage extraction from all major SQL dialects including noSQL variants. The result will be pushed directly into Collibra via APIs.

Within the coming months we will add connectors to SAP and IBM DataStage and down the road you can expect support for Informatica and other technologies. Our Development pipeline will be adjusted according to feedback we get from our user base.

Having partnership talks with Collibra turned out to be an utmost pleasant and very professional experience. I got the invite to visit Collibra’s HQ by Stan (CTO and co-founder) along with the option to attend Data Citizens conference they host annually. Thanks to this open approach I had plenty of opportunities to speak to other customers, partners and Collibra team. I consider this the best practice for building a successful partnerships. And to top it off- paperwork was done within 1 week!

We are looking forward to working together with Collibra’s team and its customers!


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