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Complex queries with an ease. Big shift in SQL world.

31 March, 2016 13:57:16 PM · Martin

There is a big productivity shift about to happen in the SQL world. Till now, data analysts and developers were performing SQL code analysis manually and such an approach was a widely accepted standard. This performance killer ranges from 10 minutes on a moderately complex query till 2+ hours with a couple of complex queries.

At SQLdep we were losing time of our dev team as well. It was nothing unusual to go through a query written by somebody else which had 500 hundred lines with several nested subselects. The catch is: your fastest developer spends 10 times more time on such query analysis then a novice reading a diagram.

The SQL standard is here for 3+ decades and yet no productivity tool replaced such obsolete manual code analysis. Not acceptable.

Since we pride ourselves in reverse engineering SQL queries we had an ambitious goal to solve this for all the developers globally. Basically establish a new global industry standard of how the SQL code should be treated.

We are launching a private beta of SQLdep Queryscope in 5 weeks.

Tweet: Visualise a complex #SQL #query and get dependencies diagram instantly w/ #QueryScope by @SQLdep > Private beta at: bit.ly/SQLdepQS

You just copy’n’paste your complex SQL query and instantly get the diagram with the dependencies back. This no-brainer will save 30 minutes a day for everybody working with SQL.


Sign-up yourself or your dev team here or contact us at join@sqldep.com. We will not spam you. We promise.

Updated: Now available in public beta at sqldep.com/queryscope

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SQLdep saved GE Money twelve months of work. GE Money was searching for ways to make the development and administration of its 20TB data warehouse faster and more efficient.