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Catch me, if you can - Something you don’t want to hear from your know-how

9 March, 2016 11:09:46 AM · Martin

Have you heard that everyone is replaceable? Of course they are, but it’s a matter of cost. Let’s see how it goes in data warehouse teams.

Data driven business – what else?

10 years ago business intelligence became an inseparable part of every company. Every company heard that to achieve great success in the next years, they have to start using the data. So they created new BI teams, built new DWH architecture, tried to find the balance between servers and cloud, migrated to SaaS, and so on.

Face the lack of experienced data experts

There is something that all of these companies have in common – they need to take part in the hunt for the best brains for the company. They need great experts with deep understanding of data to accomplish their data driven mission. Good for you, DWH architects, ETL experts, developers, BI managers and Heads of IT. You don’t face the issue of nobody wanting to hire you, do you?

You hired the “genius brain” and it left your team

From the point of the employer things are  getting worse. As these experts are getting more or less interesting job offers from other companies, there is an increase in risk they will leave your company. And then – often – the whole know-how is gone, because it was in the genius brain of the person who just left the door of your company.

What then? You don’t know how the database is designed. You don’t know what data affects other data. There are several people, maybe whole departments, who start to be angry to you. You hire the new DWH expert as soon as you can but he/she is seeing your DWH for the first time also he/she is not really sure where to start. So what can you do?

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How to prevent the effect of brain drain

We encourage you to keep them as the apple of your eye and motivate them to never leave your company. At the same time - in case they would leave – be prepared. One thing we can help with is that all your code and ETL is well documented, so the whole know-how will not just disappear and the new colleague will be doing well during on-boarding. It’s simple and it works.

Read a case study

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